Tyre Flipping


Tyre Flipping
Tyre Flipping

Tyre Flips

Muscle Group:

Abs, Core, Hip Flexors, Neck



Tractor Tyre

Tyres have become all the rage as an unconventional conditioning tool. And why not? Not only is flipping a 180 kilo tyre more fun than jogging on a treadmill for 30 minutes, but it’s more intense than a traditional cardio workout.

Plus, let’s be honest—you feel pretty hardcore throwing around that huge hunk of rubber.

However, all that weight means you should ensure proper form so as not put yourself at risk for injury.

Here are some tips from on the right way to flip a tyre

Start with your feet and hips shoulder-width apart. Push your hips back to get in the starting position, making sure to keep your back flat and your core engaged.
Make sure as you underhand grip the tyre, you place your hands onto the treads. Putting them in the space between the treads could cause you to hyperextend your fingers or, even worse, tear your biceps.
Now you’re ready for take off. This is an explosive lift, so drive up through your hips. Once the tyre is almost vertical, catch it overhand and push it so it topples over onto the floor.

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