Hi, My name is Chris and I am a highly passionate and dedicated Personal Trainer.

My fitness journey started 6 years ago when I decided to transform my body’s physical condition and stamina before joining the British Armed Forces, Where I found a passion for fitness and helping others.

Over my career in the Armed Forces I lived in Paderborn Germany, I took part in a number of operations, postings and exercises all over the world. It wasn’t long before I found out that pushing my body to the limits was an addiction to me and pushing/helping others became part of who I was. Fitness and learning how the human body works became part of my daily routine, Inspired by others in this lifestyle I soon changed my body and minds physical condition.

Starting out as a very skinny teen I found my body was holding me back from the goals I wanted to achieve so with this in mind I did everything I could to get to where I am today. The first time someone asked me for advice was a turning point for me and drove my commitment and enthusiasm for the fitness industry. I realised I could share my experiences and demonstrate how, with commitment and determination, anyone can dramatically increase their fitness levels and change their outlook on life. I find it incredibly rewarding when people adopt my philosophy and use my approach to achieve amazing things.

I also like to push my body outside of the industry and welcome any challenge anyone wants to throw at me. Some of my biggest challenges I’ve completed are sailing the Atlantic Ocean New York to Portsmouth in 21 days, The 5 Peaks in less than 12 hours and an 18 mile 25kg loaded climb in the Falkland islands to name a few.

Towards the end of my Armed Forces career my passion, high standards of fitness and great wealth of knowledge allowed me to assist as a Physical Training Instructor, training serving soldiers and the regimental boxing team.

Since leaving the Armed Forces I built up a clientele around the Shropshire and Cheshire area offering outdoor boot camps as well as one to one or group training sessions in the Warrior Training facility where I am now based full time.

  • First Aid/Combat Med Tech
  • Nutrition
  • Boxing card holder
  • ECDL
  • Personalised Plans
  • One to One coaching
  • Group Sessions
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss/Gain
  • Military build up training and advice

Contact Info

07507 442672


What is a personal trainer?

A personal trainer, also commonly referred as PT, is a certified individual who possesses the knowledge, skills and abilities to design and instruct safe and effective exercise programmes, and deliver one-to-one training. 

Personal trainers help their clients to achieve their health and fitness goals, such as weight loss, fat loss and improved sports performance by prescribing and instructing bespoke training programmes tailored to the individual’s goals.


‘Chris has helped me become a much more confident person in just a matter of months. I am doing things that I never thought possible.’

‘My PT not only helped me with my training but also taught me so much about fitness and nutrition, different ways to work out, and more.’