Hi, My name is Fran and I am a highly passionate and dedicated Personal Trainer.

My choice to work within the fitness industry arose during my recovery from anorexia nervosa. As a very driven and determined individual, I transformed my mind and body by eating well and tra ining in the correct way to strengthen my body. I firmly believe that mental and physical strength are greatly linked, and I aim to not only help my clients to grow in physical strength, but to also help them reach a ‘no quit’ attitude.

I tailor training s tyles and programmes for each of my clients depending on their preferences, lifestyle and goals, to ensure that we reach these goals in the most efficient and enjoyable way.

I can adapt training to suit any age, gender, or ability to push each client to th eir own limits and help them to progress at their own pace.

Everything worth having takes effort and consistency, but with my expertise and your willingness to become the strongest and fittest version of yourself, together we will achieve your goals.

My motto as a coach is: “When life keeps adding extra weight to your bar, you can either let it crush you, or you can fight against it.

  • Weight Loss/Muscle Gain
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Powerlifting/Strength
  • Pad Work
  • Personalised Plans
  • One to One coaching
  • Group Sessions

Contact Info

07858 380154


What is a personal trainer?

A personal trainer, also commonly referred as PT, is a certified individual who possesses the knowledge, skills and abilities to design and instruct safe and effective exercise programmes, and deliver one-to-one training. 

Personal trainers help their clients to achieve their health and fitness goals, such as weight loss, fat loss and improved sports performance by prescribing and instructing bespoke training programmes tailored to the individual’s goals.


‘Fran has helped me become a much more confident person in just a matter of months. I am doing things that I never thought possible.’

‘My PT not only helped me with my training but also taught me so much about fitness and nutrition, different ways to work out, and more.’